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Cool Flo ME Chilled water industrial anti-freeze for non-food applications

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Thermo~Flo HT

Closed Systems ASTM Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

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Dipslides /Incubators

Check & Control Bacteriological Growths

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Eco~Flo LV Anti-Freeze Fluid

Food System Use

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ALV and ALV Plus

ALV and ALV Plus extra low viscosity fluids.

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Welcome To Hydro~Flo Environmental

Call us for advice on 01884 861 747

Welcome to Hydro~Flo Environmental - this where you can buy the UK's top branded heat transfer fluids,  Eco~Flo LV and Cool~Flo ME for chilled water systems. Whilst you're here, why not look into the fabulous new range of extra-low viscosity, food-safe anti-freeze formulations called ALV and ALV Plus too. Our aim is to make it easy for you to obtain advice about water and its treatment then, if necessary, get products or equipment to help solve any problems - all from a single source.

Our heat transfer fluids (anti-freeze formulations) include our reliable Eco~Flo LV and Cool~Flo ME products plus the latest formulations ALV and ALV Plus. All contain ASTM standard corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors.  We provide full support all our formulations through analytical water testing services in order to ascertain the correct levels of treatment for your system. If necessary, we also supply specific cleaning products to help restore system efficiency should that be required.

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