Hydro~Flo - Industrial Water Treatment Specialists

Hydro~Flo Environmental are a premier UK supplier of Glycols, anti-freeze, heat transfer fluids and water treatment formulations.  We deliver our fully inhibited products ex-stock from our conveniently located stores just off the M5 on a next day or 48 hours basis.  We have been supplying our anti-freeze, scale and corrosion inhibitors, biocides and cleaning formulations to sites all around the UK for the last 15 years and have built up an enviable reputation for concentrated, high quality products that are both reliable and economical. All our products and services are backed by industry leading technical support.

Hydro~Flo Environmental has its roots in the industrial water treatment sector. This experience, which spans 35 years, helps us to understand and solve historical problems related to lime scale, corrosion and micro-biological fouling which can, and do, cause major operational issues in closed recirculating water systems. We take this into account with all our anti-freeze formulations and only supply fully inhibited ISO manufactured quality products that consistently demonstrate high performance characteristics, superb reliability which are safe to handle and eco-friendly. Hydro~Flo are the originators of the 'Flo' range of products and our tried and trusted formulations include - Eco~Flo LV and Cool~Flo ME which have now been boosted by the addition of the Thermo~Flo range of concentrated ASTM D-1384 approved inhibitors and cleaning agents.

Hydro~Flo have been involved in Industrial Water Treatment in the UK and some overseas locations for many years. We are well known in the industry for our friendly professional advice and our ability to successfully overcome water related problems such as those associated to scale formation, corrosion, excessive solids, micro-biological fouling and legionella.

Hydro~Flo's water related experience is widespread and covers many different aspects of water and its treatment in industrial systems. Our traditional areas of work are in Steam, Open Evaporative Cooling, Chillers and Closed Heating and Chilled Water Systems, Desalination (RO, MSF, VC) and Effluent treatment through to chemical cleaning, water analysis, legionella control and the conditioning of bore hole water supplies

Our Cool~Flo and Eco~Flo Glycols (sometimes known as heat transfer fluids) being widely used and trusted at many sites across the UK and in Europe. Cool~Flo and Eco~Flo Glycols are just part of our extensive chemical range.

For brand new systems requiring a pre-commission clean or for older systems that require cleaning or disinfection Hydro-Flo Environmental has a range of cleaning solutions and disinfectants that can help you to maintain your closed systems at peak efficiency. Other formulations include Micro~Flo, Steam~Flo, Tower~Flo, Thermo~Flo HT and System~Flo - all of which have been extensively supplied throughout the UK for over 15 years.

All the chemical formulations and associated equipment that Hydro~Flo supply are backed up by our technical support services. These can be provided on site or remotely through our own analytical services and laboratories.
  • 48 hour nationwide deliveries for 20 litre, 215 litre and IBC quantities.
  • Easy payment options on-line via PayPal, or by credit or debit card over the telephone
  • Products that are well known and trusted across the UK
  • ISO manufactured for consistent quality
  • Fully inhibited against scale and corrosion giving freeze protection down to minus 50 degrees Centigrade
  • Full strength concentrated products and compatible formulations
  • Technically proven brands used successfully over the last 15 years
  • Water analysis Easy to understand, straightforward advice for systems suffering from micro-fouling, scale or corrosion.