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ALV, GLV and Geo

The innovative and Patented formulations ALV, ALV Plus and GEO are low viscosity formulations that are truly unique. ALV and GEO can replace traditional glycols in chilled water or GSHP systems. The superior flow characteristics of the products mean they function at high levels of efficiency and hence reduce both system design and longer term operating costs - especially when compared to standard glycol based products. Please refer to the ALV and GEO technical data for further specific performance data.

In summary, the products successfully combine the significant hydraulic and heat transfer properties of Mono Ethylene Glycol (which is toxic) with the safety and eco-profile properties of Mono Propylene Glycol (which is non-toxic) to give a flexible, efficient and safe-to-use formulation.  Maximum economy during the system design stage is then realized and, due to lower energy requirements which can often show reductions in running costs - whilst at the same time taking care of risk management through high levels of product safety. Read what New Food Magazine has recently reported about ALV by following the link here (you may have to copy the link and paste it into the search bar of your browser):

R​eliable products with a strong eco-profile are a major determining factor in product placement - often this is an over-riding prerequisite in modern times as specifiers and engineers alike need to ensure that they select only the safest and most environmentally friendly products for both new and existing systems. ALV and GEO comply with today’s stringent requirements in all respects.  Here are the reasons why clients choose ALV and GEO:

All of the above mean that  ALV and GEO really are the best products available for the Chilled Water & GSHP industries in the UK today. In addition to the above features and benefits, ALV and GEO are less expensive than standard MPG products.

The choice is now clear…ALV for chilled water systems and GEO for GSHP.

These formulations do it all - there is no need to use anything else!