Antifreeze /Ethylene/Propylene Refractometer - RHA-218ATC

Fast and accurate way for testing / analyzing the glycol concentration and anti-freeze solutions in chilled systems
Product Code: RHA-218ATC
Brand: GrandIndex
Condition: New
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General Description
Monoethylene glycol and mono propylene glycol are used extensively as antifreeze in closed cooling systems .

Dose concentrations vary dependent upon the level of antifreeze protection required (ºC).

Refrigeration units and engine cooling systems use glycol in concentrations up to 60% v/v to maintain coolant fluidity at low temperatures.
Main Features
The model RHA-218ATC is specially for Glycol analysis / testing: It offers a convenient, fast and accurate way for testing / analyzing the glycol concentration of engine coolants and other anti-freeze solutions.

The RHA-218ATC has Automatic Temperature Compensation System.
Measuring Range:
  • Ethylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C (0--70% )
  • Propylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C(0--70%)
  • Resolution Factor: 5°C, 5%,  
  • (ATC)Temperature Compensation Range:10°C--30°C(50°F to 86°F)
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