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System~Flo B100 - Pre-comm' Cleaner

System~Flo B100 is a highly effective, safe acting, bio-degradable, low foaming organic acid cleaner and descaler. It is formulated especially for closed recirculating systems to help maintain efficient heat transfer and it is a rapid remover of debris, sludge, lime scale and oxides in boilers, radiators and closed hot or cold systems. B100 is safe for use on systems containing aluminium and can also be used as a CIP cleaner in the dairy industry and can leave surfaces clean and bright and ready for treatment with a suitable inhibitor (such as Thermo~Flo HT).

Dose and Application
Closed System De-scaling: In new systems use as a pre-commission cleaner between 1-5% of the system volume according to the suspected degree of fouling from flux etc. Pre-commission cleaning will greatly aid the protective action of any scale/corrosion inhibitor such as Thermo~Flo HT. Remove filters, avoid solids entering into new plate heat exchangers by isolation and form a loop to clean the bulk of the main system before opening the system back up. Recirculate the cleaning fluid for between 1-5 hours then drain and flush thoroughly. Please contact Hydro~Flo Environmental for a more detailed clean procedure.
Available in 5, 10, 25, 205 litre containers and 1000 litre IBC's.

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5 litre of system~Flo B100



25 litre of system~Flo B100