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System~Flo B99 - System Flusher

SYSTEM~FLO B99 is based on specific polymeric inhibitors which not only mobilize sludge and hardened sludge deposits but boosts scale prevention capabilities.This greatly aids solids removal when cleaning and flushing systems.Control of these solids can help reduce foaming and reduce/eliminate scale and remove corrosion debris.This product is specifically suitable for use in systems that are fouled and in need of on-line cleaning to remove and reduce high levels of impurities.
Due to the highly effective nature and concentration of B99 dosage is normally not in excess of 0.5% of system volume. B99 should be dosed to the system to aid flushing cleaning and control scale according to the water analysis and system conditions.
B99 is packed in 5, 10, 25, 215 litre containers and 1000 litre exchangeable IBC semi-bulk containers.

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5 litre of system~Flo B99



25 litre of system~Flo B99