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Thermo~Flo HT: Closed Systems ASTM Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Thermo~Flo HT is a pink coloured low dose corrosion and scale inhibitor designed for use in closed recirculating circuits.This highly effective formulation meets and exceeds ASTM D-1384 standards. Thermo~Flo HT  is biostable, totally water soluble and suitable for all multi-metal systems i.e. ferrous and non-ferrous metals including those containing aluminium. Thermo~Flo HT is low foaming and does not contain sodium nitrite, silicone, mineral oil or phenols.Stable in strongly alkaline solutions Thermo~Flo HT maintains free movement in valves, threads and other immersed moving components and is not adversely affected by sodium hypochlorite.

Dose Rate/Application
The dose rate of concentrated Thermo~Flo HT is 0.5-1.5% of the system volume depending on the make up water. Levels can be maintained using a simple on-site test kit available from Hydro~Flo. We recommend 2% for systems containing aluminium. We suggest that new systems (or older fouled systems) are pre-commission cleaned with B99 or B100 and then flushed through with fresh water before adding Thermo~Flo HT.

In soft water areas corrosion tends to be the main problem – in hard water areas then scale will be the problem. Where very heavy scale is normal (heavy scale noted on kettle elements etc) then an extra small addition of B99 could be used to boost the anti-scale protection given by Thermo~Flo HT still further.

See MSDS for further handling and safety measures. Mix Thermo~Flo HT into fluid to be treated or dose directly into recirculating system.
Available in 1, 10, 20, 215 and 1000 containers.

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1.0 litre container of Thermo~Flo HT.

Therm~Flo HT 10 Litre

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Therm~Flo HT 10 Litre

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10 litres of Thermo~Flo HT.

Therm~Flo HT 20 Litre

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Therm~Flo HT 20 Litre

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20 litres of Thermo~Flo HT.